Behind closed curtains

If you go to your doctor with mental health issues, you’re likely to be sent back home on sick leave. The problem is that isolation can escalate mental illness, meaning that a sick leave can actually make you sicker. In fact as many as 1 out of 4 will start getting sicker, making it harder and harder for them to get back out.

With our client being a solution to this problem, we decided to start a conversation: By turning curtains into media, we told the story of the people hiding behind them. With people donating their windows, our curtains didn’t just cover 3400 surfaces across Oslo – representing the 3400 that now was in danger of not getting back out.

In a matter of hours, they covered social media, newspapers and 15 minutes of airtime on the national news( both NRK and TV2). Finally it started a conversation amongst politicians and doctors during the Arendals week. Oh, and yes, did we say we spent zero in media?

Fountainhouse, is a NGO and a place to go if you’re struggling with mental health issues. They’re built on a simple idea: that we will heal by being together.